You may be wondering why we rebranded? Well, the rebrand was all about reflecting an organisation that has grown from small beginnings into something that operates confidently, knowing why it exists and how it goes about its business.

We’ve never just been a storage solution provider. It might sound crazy, but we don’t sell and never did sell racking. We know that definitely sounds crazy, as it’s our main product, but we’ve never really been a racking company. It’s always been so much more. We’re a storage creation business specialising in optimising your space and making every last m2 work as productively as it possibly can.

So, when considering our rebrand, one of the starting points was to have a new logo with a purpose. The new Ikon logo still has a nod to where we started, keeping the heritage of our red hue intact. Now, it is a combination of impactful clean lines and blocks building up the outline of what can easily be interpreted as a storage structure whilst creating the iconic K within our name. It is the beating heart of the redesign, with its colour palette pulsing through our online presence.

Our new logo also exemplifies accessibility and efficiency, something we are passionate about, which exists in all we do. Consisting of bold, clean lines and blocks represents our intended scalable, adaptable nature of the storage solutions we design, supply and install for our customers.

We wanted to create a brand personality that was strong yet personal and a reflection of who we are and where we are. So we focused on a strong use of colour to differentiate our product and service ranges, with a modern and simple font.

There was a little sadness with losing the quirky aspect of our previous branding, which helped us become noticed and differentiate us from other players on the scene. However, as we continued to grow and expand our reach, we felt that the new look and feel was more appropriate to our position.

And with our new look came a new website.
Out with the old!
In with the new!

We worked with the good guys of Born, and we will continue to work on our website to give you an even better user experience-staying true to our belief that just because something is one way doesn’t mean it can’t change because life and business is an ever-evolving process of learning,

Hopefully, our new look does justice to our vision, so please let us know what you think.

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