In the final part of this blog series, we will explore the strategic aspects of embarking on a warehouse redevelopment project. This endeavour requires thorough planning and a deep understanding of the space involved. Whether you are revitalising an existing facility or designing a new one from scratch, the decisions made during this process can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations. Join us as we explore strategies and techniques to optimise space utilisation and operational effectiveness, offering insights and practical solutions to help businesses thrive in an ever-evolving market landscape.

Prioritising Health and Safety in Warehouse Reconfiguration.

When reconfiguring a warehouse, it is crucial to prioritise health and safety during the planning process. While much attention is given to the initial project phases, most of the work involves implementing the appropriate safety measures in the new warehouse layout.

Workplace accidents in the UK are still common, with trips, slips, falls, and incidents involving shelving toppling onto employees contributing significantly to these statistics. Additionally, the UK Material Handling Association reports that 65% of forklift-related injuries over the past three years were sustained by pedestrians rather than drivers, including co-workers and warehouse delivery personnel.

Even minor adjustments to warehouse layouts can impact your duty of care to employees and visitors. This underscores the importance of regular risk assessments, ongoing staff training, and adequate site safety signage implementation.

  • Segregate pedestrian and off-road vehicle traffic using designated walkways and barriers.
  • Implement traffic management systems and floor markings.
  • Install handrails for walkways and staircases to prevent falls.
  • Use anti-slip flooring materials, especially in high-risk areas such as stairs.

While it is crucial to maintain compliance and safety records, it is also essential to minimise damage to structures and warehouse machinery to prevent repair costs and business interruptions. This can be achieved through measures such as:

  • Installation of impact-absorbent guards for columns, posts, and loading bay entrances. 
  • Utilisation of forklift truck skirts to protect vulnerable structures. Deployment of flexible posts and crush-resistant barriers to prevent accidents.

Ensuring Warehouse Security.

When starting a warehouse development project, it’s crucial to prioritise security considerations. This goes beyond preventing intrusions and detecting and setting up alarm systems. It also involves implementing measures to segregate and safeguard high-value items, such as using mesh security cages within the warehouse.

When setting up new sections in a warehouse for the safe and secure storage of goods or high-value items, mesh partitioning is often the preferred choice. These partitions allow the creation of secure areas visible to security personnel or surveillance systems while also providing control over entry and exit to the space.

Mesh partitions, including mesh cages, are commonly used to establish secure zones within a warehouse. These zones allow high-value items to be stored within specific facility areas. These measures enhance security and protect valuable assets from unauthorised access or tampering.

Prioritising health, safety, and security measures during warehouse reconfiguration is crucial for protecting employees and assets. Hazards like slips falls, and collisions can be mitigated by incorporating designated walkways, traffic management systems, impact-absorbent guards, and security measures like mesh partitions. Tailoring solutions to specific business needs is essential. 

Designing Your Ideal Warehouse Space.

Numerous possibilities and solutions exist when establishing new areas within a warehouse. The most suitable choice depends on your business’s specific requirements and objectives. IKON provides expertise to transform spaces into safer, more efficient, and secure environments, prioritising the workforce’s well-being.

Whether you are initiating a warehouse development project to create new areas, increase capacity, or enhance efficiency, IKON can support you.

With experience serving businesses of all sizes, we offer a comprehensive service tailored to your needs. Our services include assessing your requirements, designing customised solutions, and installing everything necessary to meet your objectives.

Contact IKON to explore how we can transform your warehouse into the ideal space for your operations.

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