A-Safe RackGuard is top-of-the-line. With over 35 years of experience, A-SAFE has become a globally recognised provider of workplace safety solutions protecting people and assets across multiple sectors worldwide since its inception in 1984.

It’s a no-brainer why we’re proud to stock this iconic brand and product.

Why use A-Safe RackGuard?

RackGuard™ confidently provides a reliable protective solution for rack legs and uprights in any workplace. It effectively shields against frontal, side, and scrape impacts caused by vehicles. By expertly absorbing and deflecting energy, RackGuard ensures that your racking system remains damage-free and structurally sound. With ten frictional grip points, a compression hinge, and a centralising rubber lug, RackGuard offers a secure grip on any rack leg. And the RackGuard Tool Set makes installation a breeze.

Rack Leg Protection.

Protect your rack legs, stock, and pallets from damage caused by forklift trucks and other vehicles with our reliable protective measures.

Impact Protection.

The impact energy disperses around the rack leg instead of penetrating it by fusing front and side defence mechanisms, reducing damage.

Anti Penetration.

Offering protection for racking structures that are vulnerable to damage from vehicle forks, which can cause severe and potentially fatal accidents.

Frictional Grip.

With the Rack Guard Leg Protectors, you can be sure that each rack leg is securely gripped, providing constant compression and protection.

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