We’ve started the new financial year and it’s time to invest in your warehouse. So, let’s start with some basics considerations. You’ll thank us later. 

Type of Warehouse

When thinking about storage, it’s best to start at the beginning. Has your warehouse been built yet? The type of warehouse you have may impact the type of storage you kit it out with. The most common warehouse type is a storage warehouse, which is simple to build and relatively affordable. Refrigerated warehouses often store cold items and food. Then there are humidity-controlled warehouses. These are more expensive warehouses, and you will definitely need to factor in the workflow.


Thinking of the workflow for your warehouse, is your warehouse a standard warehouse or a smart warehouse? Traditional warehouses use forklifts and conventional bulk storage. Smart warehouses require automated workflow systems that may include conveyor systems and robotic systems. 

Now we’ve cleared a few things up; it’s on to the fun part, well, in our opinion. But first off, you might think you know what it is, but what exactly is Pallet Racking?

Standard Pallet Racking is a system of warehouse storage. It uses racks that enable pallets where goods and materials are stored to be stacked vertically and horizontally for efficient use of space and complete selectivity. Typically forklift trucks are used to move pallets on and off racking within a warehouse. There are numerous systems available to meet different requirements that allow pallets to be stored and accessed for picking and processing as efficiently as possible, but we’ll get on to that later.

The devil is in the detail – Racking needs appropriate planning!

So, you know what type of warehouse space you’re working with, or perhaps you need to improve your existing inventory storage; in whichever case, the most crucial phase is, without a doubt – planning. 

Pallet racking installation professionals use software as well as their experience to survey the available space. Using a detailed appraisal of your business needs, they can create a pallet racking design geared to optimise your success. Including specifying systems that can withstand all weathers should you need to build outdoor pallet racking structures.

Any racking design will take into account requirements such as structural dimensions and access needs. Including how easily plant, robotic pickers and packers, and other equipment can integrate with your racking.  

Proper pallet racking design truly starts from the floor up! It’s surprising how many companies fail to verify that their floor slab is suitable and has enough strength before erecting their racking. And that’s where the site survey comes in, it provides 100% confidence that the surface can hold its integrity and fixings when racking is pinned to it, then loaded up.  

Site Surveys

At Ikon, we believe there’s nothing better than the personal touch, and that’s why a survey is always the best option, as mentioned above. However, we don’t live in a perfect world, and with the pandemic still in force, we understand this isn’t always possible. Perhaps you already have an existing drawing and can provide the following information: –

  • Location
  • Business type and operation
  • Height of the building, including the height to the eaves and the apex height
  • Width
  • Type, size and construction (wood, plastic, UK, Euro etc.) of pallets including heights and approx. weights
  • Load overhang
  • What are you storing? Unusual Sizes? Perishable? Temperature etc?
  • Ideally, the number of pallets you are aiming to store
  • Location of obstructions typically include Heaters, sprinklers, man-hole covers, columns, expansion joints
  • Location of Fire Exits
  • Floor loading information including point loadings. Often referred to as the “slab”
  • Is there existing forklift trucks and/or other handling equipment? If so what type and measurements will be required
  • Which way round is the pallet handled – Entry face?
  • Space required for loading/unloading?
  • Is new handling equipment an option?
  • Is it a purchase or a lease option of interest for the racking element?
  • Future proof with room for growth?

What happens next?

Based on the initial information you have provided, we will provide you with an estimate of the number of pallets you could store in your warehouse and some estimated costs.

‍Before a more detailed survey, we can discuss the various pallet racking options to suit your business model. And, once we have given you the initial information, we can carry out a site survey remotely. 

The best racking layout for you

From our detailed survey, investigation and planning, comes an agreed layout that offers the best solution. We pride ourselves on every storage design being company-specific, which means we produce the most efficient and effective system for our clients every time. 

At Ikon, we believe in making your space work for you, so your business will be racking up the benefits, whatever your storage solution. From the initial survey to design and installation, we are with you every step of the storage journey. At Ikon, we take care of everything from designing a system that takes into account the shape and size of your premises and the needs of your organisation to ensuring compliance with all regulations, handling the necessary paperwork whilst when installing and dovetailing with existing business operations for minimum disruption, so that you can get on with what you do best. 

Improve the way your warehouse works

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