Imagine this scenario – despite their similarities, warehouses are like fingerprints – each is unique. With a wide range of products, diverse service areas, and distinct positions along the supply chain, the operations within these busy spaces can vary significantly. However, there are a few crucial tools that are often overlooked but can inject a dose of efficiency into any warehouse’s day-to-day operations. This article presents five vital warehouse tools that promise to revolutionise your space, no matter what products it holds.

Cantilever Racking: Defying Dimensions!

Step into the world of cantilever racks – the superheroes of storage designed to tame longer, bulkier, and irregularly shaped items that are difficult to store on regular shelves. From lumber and tubing to pre-assembled furniture, these racks, equipped with longer arms and wider spacing, make organising odd-shaped goods a breeze. By storing less frequently used SKUs higher up, you can free up prime space for the more popular items your team needs to access regularly, thus elevating your warehouse organisation. The sky’s the limit when you embrace the vertical potential of cantilever racking!

Gravity-Flow Racks: Racing Against Time!

If you’re managing a warehouse with a constantly moving inventory, the gravity-flow shelving system is the perfect solution for you. The system has spinning wheels and cells that act as a conveyor belt, or shelves that are angled more steeply than usual. This ensures that products can quickly reach the hands of your picking teams. However, it’s important to note that this high-speed system may not be suitable for fragile items. But if speed is essential for certain SKUs, then let gravity do the heavy lifting!

Push Back Racking: On the Move!

Step into the dynamic world of push-back racking, where mobility meets organization. Unlike standard pallet racks, these racks come with built-in carts on an I-beam rail, enabling you to effortlessly shuffle pallets. Improve access to frequently required items or improve your team’s single-lane picking options. It’s the storage solution that moves with you!

Wire Partitions: Meshing Security with Versatility!

Wire mesh partitions are not only useful for limiting access, but also for their versatility. Besides securing goods, their open design allows for better airflow and sprinkler penetration. Just think of the possibilities in environments such as greenhouses, data centres, laboratories, or pharmaceutical storage, where you can have secured access while also ensuring fresh air.

Mezzanines: Elevate Your Space!

Our final recommendation for essential warehouse storage is slightly unconventional but can still be extremely beneficial. We suggest installing a mezzanine at a strategic location in your warehouse to significantly increase the usable floor area of your building. Once it is set up, you can use this space for a variety of purposes, such as additional production space, equipment storage, administrative space (away from the noise and commotion of the shop floor), or even just more room for some of the storage options we’ve suggested so far. If your warehouse feels cramped, a mezzanine could be the ideal solution.

Is your warehouse in need of an upgrade? Would you benefit from installing cantilever racks for easy access, gravity-flow shelving for faster movement, push-back racking for better mobility, wire partitions for versatility, or a mezzanine for added space? Step into a world where every tool makes a difference! If you need advice on optimising your warehouse or want to embark on a thrilling warehouse makeover, don’t hesitate to get in touch. It’s time to revolutionise your warehouse and make every square inch count! Or, if you need assistance rearranging your workspace, we’re here to help. Get in touch.

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