Spacesmart storage for long, bulky & heavy items

Our cantilever racking products provide a cost-effective and secure solution for storing long, irregularly shaped and heavy duty items that cannot be easily accommodated on traditional pallet racking. With arms that protrude out from upright columns, cantilever racking supports long, bulky and heavy items and allows for easy access. Cantilever racking makes efficient use of vertical and horizontal space, and is often used to store products such as metal sheets, pipes, rods and moulding amongst others.

Cantilver racking outside

Cantilever Racking

Capitalise on your vertical space with a cost-effective, safe solution for storing long or varying length and width items.

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Cladded cantilever racking

Cladded Cantilever Racking

Make the most of outdoor storage space with cladded cantilever racking that protects your products from the elements.

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