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When it comes to maximising the space in your available warehouse, there’s nothing standard about Ikon pallet racking systems. Each of our projects is individually designed to specific customer requirements ensuring space and productivity are optimised.

We can supply a variety of different manufacturers depending on the project requirements including AR, LINK 51, Dexion and PSS.

A wide angle view of adjustable pallet racking in a warehouse

Adjustable Pallet Racking

Adjustable pallet racking systems offer flexibility, scalability, safety, and improved storage efficiency, making them the most popular pallet racking system for warehouses and storage facilities.

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Drive-in pallet racking in a warehouse

Drive-in Pallet Racking

Drive-in is undoubtedly the most efficient solution when it comes to bulk storage of goods, often achieving up to 90% of space utilisation.

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Dynamic pallet racking in a warehouse

Dynamic Pallet Racking

Dynamic pallet racking maximises storage space by utilising the full height of the warehouse. With high-density storage, a larger quantity of pallets can be stored in a smaller footprint, increasing overall storage capacity.

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Wire mesh decking in a warehouse


We also supply a wide range of accessories including D Dividers and Mesh & Timber Decks.

D Dividers
Store and separate vertically stored items with the use of adjustable D dividers. These are available in a variety of sizes for all types of pallet racking.

Mesh & Timber Decks
We offer both mesh decks and timber decks; ideal for storing pallets safely, creating pick levels and storing irregular sized goods.

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