dynamic pallet racking in a warehouse

Why Dynamic Pallet Racking?

Dynamic pallet racking (Also known as pallet flow racking or gravity flow racking) provides a wide range of benefits to enable optimisation of warehouse storage. 

It maximises storage space by utilising the full height and depth of the warehouse. Multiple pallets can be stored in a single lane so a larger quantity of pallets can be stored in a smaller footprint; this increases storage density and overall capacity.

Dynamic pallet racking in a warehouse

Enhancing Inventory Management

Dynamic pallet racking systems also enhance inventory management and accessibility. Features such as gravity-flow rollers or push-back mechanisms facilitate easy access to stored pallets, enabling efficient stock rotation and retrieval. This contributes to improved order picking and reduces the time required to locate and retrieve items. Dynamic racking is designed for first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory management; it ensures proper stock rotation and is especially suitable for products with expiration dates or those requiring sequential processing.

dynamic pallet racking in a warehouse

Flexible & Scalable

Using dynamic pallet racking, pallets automatically flow forward as the front pallet is removed which reduces the need to move pallets manually. This reduces time & labour, minimises the risk of pallet damage, improves Health & Safety and increases efficiency.

It is both flexible and scalable; the racking can be easily customised to meet specific storage requirements and expanded if necessary. The system can also be adapted to accommodate various pallet sizes and weights should your inventory change.

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