Bespoke Warehouse Storage Solutions for Industries

We provide specialist expertise in a wide range of industries including Builders Merchants, Electronics, Food, Third Party Logistics, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical and Plumbing & Heating. To find out more about how we can help with bespoke warehouse storage solutions, just get in touch.

By working with many Builders’ Merchants, we have a clear understanding of the warehousing requirements for what are often large and heavy duty products. We build bespoke storage systems that can comfortably accommodate the required sizes and weights, allow for efficient delivery and distribution, and provide complete Health & Safety compliance. For products that can be stored outside the warehouse – such as certain types of lumber, aggregates and bricks – we can include outdoor storage as part of the system. 

Our solutions for electronics are focused on flexibility and maintaining a controlled environment for sensitive products. Given the pace of innovation in the electronics industry, warehouse storage systems need to allow for a high turnover of products so this means easy access and flexibility to reconfigure around changing inventory. With products and components that are sensitive to temperature, humidity, dust and other elements, our solutions can include features such as temperature regulation, anti-static materials and humidity control to maximise protection against damage and deterioration.

Our storage systems for perishable products are built around controlled environments that ensure adherence to quality, safety and hygiene standards as well as efficient warehouse operations. 

Solutions can feature refrigeration and freezer systems as well as temperature monitoring equipment and alarms. Storage is also configured to allow for frequent cleaning and sanitisation and can include equipment for requirements such as pest control, contamination prevention, ventilation and air filtration. 

We can also provide specialised product storage and handling equipment to prevent damage, spoilage and other risks. Our systems are also optimised for inventory management and tracking to drive efficient operations in relation to picking, packing, shipping and quality control.

Health and pharmaceutical companies rely on us to ensure the safekeeping of highly sensitive products and preserve their integrity. We provide tailored storage solutions incorporating features including refrigeration systems and adjustable configurations that accommodate a wide variety of product types and sizes. Everything we do is designed to support efficient inventory management with precise placement, quick retrieval times and reduced risk of product damage. We also provide regular maintenance and inspections to ensure streamlined operations and faultless regulatory compliance. Just get in touch to discuss how we can help you to deliver a rapid response to healthcare demands and ensure the timely delivery of products.

We work closely with third-party logistics companies, delivering a wide range of warehouse storage products & services that provide a cornerstone for logistics solutions:

  • We enable efficient organisation of inventory through various storage methods such as pallet racking and shelving.
  • We optimise space utilisation with warehouse storage solutions that minimise wasted space and allow for easy access to inventory.
  • We facilitate streamlined order picking, packing and other processes through strategic organisation of warehouse footrpints.
  • We ensure adherence to safety regulations and industry specific requirements through compliance services, maintenance and inspections.

There’s many other ways we help third party logistics companies to achieve operational excellence, just get in touch to find out more.

We provide warehouse storage solutions that efficiently store plumbing and heating parts and products, optimising space and unlocking the potential of the warehouse footprint. As part of this, we provide:

  • Easy Access to Inventory – effortless access to parts and products enabling streamlined workflows and efficient inventory management.
  • Customisable Configurations – Tailored storage to accommodate items of various sizes and ensure a perfect fit for your inventory.
  • Demand-driven Scalability – Scalable storage solutions that allow you to adjust storage capacity quickly so you can manage seasonal demand variations and minimise underutilised space.
  • Robust Storage – Heavy duty storage that securely stores parts and products, and reduces the risk of damage.
  • Compliance and Safety – SEMA compliant solutions and services to improve safety and secure compliance.
  • Cost-Effective Space Utilisation – Optimised warehouse layouts to make the most of every square foot in your warehouse.


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