Spacesmart Shelving Solutions

We supply a range of shelving options that help to optimise warehouse storage space. Cost effective, practical and versatile, our shelving products ensure easy access to a variety of stored items.  Installation is quick and easy providing a storage solution for all types of products. Customisable lengths, depths and heights accommodate most areas with the option to scale if expansion becomes necessary.

carton flow shelving in a warehouse

Carton Flow Warehouse Shelving

Carton Flow Shelving – storage comprising roller racks that feed goods from higher levels to pickers at lower levels.

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Multi tier shelving in a warehouse

Multi-tier Warehouse Shelving

Shelving that maximises vertical space utilisation by creating multiple levels of storage.

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longspan shelving in a warehouse

Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving is versatile, easily accessible and allows storage of up to 1000kg of distributed weight on each deck.

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shortspan shelving in a warehouse

Shortspan Shelving

Shortspan shelving provides a versatile and cost-effective storage solution for small warehouses, storage rooms or stock rooms.

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