a warehouse mezzanine system

Leverage Unused Overhead Space

Installing a warehouse mezzanine flooring system is a cost-effective way to quickly expand your facility’s footprint and storage capacity. By leveraging unused overhead space, you can significantly increase your square footage for a wide range of warehousing functions including:

  • Adding pallet racking or shelving for extra product storage
  • Expanding picking and packing stations
  • Enabling elevated supply replenishment zones
  • Providing space for offices, meeting rooms or employee amenities
  • Allowing room for future growth and flexibility

Efficient Onsite Assembly

Our warehouse mezzanine flooring systems are durable and are designed for efficient assembly on site. This offers many advantages in terms of costs and timings; quick installation means you can start utilising the new space with minimal downtime and your expanded capacity comes without the need for expensive relocation or ground-up construction. 

Ground-up construction can be disruptive as well as expensive; a mezzanine warehouse system avoids the need for this through assembly using columns, and support from the warehouse structure. Design and installation is relatively straightforward and we provide a turnkey solution to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Advantages of Warehouse Mezzanine Systems

Mezzanines are versatile systems that offer options for layout and configuration. Modular partitions, flooring, storage, lighting, windows, air conditioning, staircases and other accessories can be added to provide the functionality you need whilst layouts can range from simple square platforms to irregular shapes to multi-level, complex footprints. Additionally, there are options for prefabrication to suit the nature of your proposed warehouse operations; for example, does the mezzanine need to accommodate heavy pallet jack and forklift loads?

A mezzanine system is an affordable option for realising value in unused space and increasing your warehouse capacity. Just get in touch to arrange a free onsite consultation and identify options for improving the way your warehouse works. 

Advantages of Warehouse Mezzanine Systems:

  • Saves time and money
  • Capitalises on space
  • Provides additional storage capacity

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