vertical racking in a warehouse

Storage and display for long products

This type of racking allows for the vertical storage and display of long products in warehouses to optimise efficiency and safety. Vertical racking is ideal for storing products such as piping, timber, beading, trunking, steel conduit, aluminium or plastic extrusions and other long items. 

Highly versatile and durable, vertical racking can be configured to any length and frames can be attached back-to-back to provide double-sided storage. Rack frames are available in a variety of heights, widths and depths to accommodate different volumes and types of product. 

Safe, efficient, cost-effective

Easy access makes picking safe and easy, and vertical racking can also be used to merchandise products in any customer facing areas of your warehouse. Adjustable dividing arms can also be added to each rack which allow for easy organisation of products according to differences in size or specification. 

Vertical Racking is a safe, efficient and cost-effective storage system for long items, get in touch to find out more about our fully project managed service that covers everything from sourcing to installation.

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