wire mesh decking in a warehouse

The Benefits

We provide high quality timber and wire mesh decking for use on pallet racking to improve storage flexibility and capacity. As well as creating more shelf space along racking beams, decking can be used to add storage levels for non-palletised products that are smaller than the distance between pallet racking beams – this way, you can make better use of your vertical space. Timber and wire mesh decking offer many of the same benefits:

  • Rather than loading on beams, decking distributes weight more evenly across racking and enables higher density storage.
  • Wire mesh and timber decking enables you to organise inventory more efficiently through vertical storage. 
  • Both are flexible, durable, easy-to-install and cost-effective. With decking, you can increase capacity within existing racking instead of buying additional racking.  
  • Both require little ongoing maintenance.

So which should you choose? Much depends on your specific needs but key differences include:

timber decking in a warehouse

Timber Decking

  • Timber decking gives warehouse staff a solid standing surface at different levels so they can safely access items stored higher up on racks.
  • Timber provides protection for racking and inventory from damage that can result from items that are dropped during loading or unloading.
  • High-grade timber is robust and stands up to heavy duty use in warehouse environments. In warehouses where moisture is prevalent, quality timber decking is not vulnerable to warping.
  • Timber decking can be tanalised for outdoor use.

wire mesh decking in a warehouse

Wire Mesh Decking

  • Wire mesh decking works well with warehouse sprinkler systems and provides an alternative option to timber decking.
  • The open wire nature of this type of decking ensures good air circulation between stored items; this prevents moisture build up, mould and any resulting damage to inventory. Wire mesh decking is ideal for cold storage.
  • Wire mesh offers great visibility making it quicker and easier for warehouse staff to identify specific items.

If you want to explore options for optimising your storage space using decking, just get in touch and we can talk you through the options and provide clear recommendations based on your objectives.

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