office mezzanine flooring in a warehouse

Make the best use of every square foot

Our Spacesmart approach is founded on enabling you to make the best use of every square foot on site and mezzanines do exactly that. Ikon office mezzanine flooring systems allow you to expand your warehouse by making use of its height when floor space is fully utilised. Installing a mezzanine can significantly increase your usable square footage for a variety of office-related applications; common uses of mezzanines include:

  • Office cubicles, workstations, and desks
  • Meeting or conference rooms
  • File and records storage
  • Housing IT servers and telecom equipment
  • Staff rooms, break areas and kitchenettes

an office mezzanine flooring system

Straightforward Assembly

Constructed from steel, office mezzanine flooring systems are durable systems that are straightforward to assemble on site. Floor plans and layouts can be configured to fit your intended usage whether you need a standard shaped area, an L-shape, U-shape or other. Prefabricated accessories such as staircases, handrails, and guardrails facilitate speedy installation.

Mezzanine floors are elevated from the ground level on columns and supported by the existing warehouse or building structure. Pouring concrete or other intensive construction is not required which minimises downtime and disruption to your business; our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you so we manage every aspect of the planning, design and installation process. 

Office Mezzanine Flooring: Free Onsite Consultation

Our starting point is to understand your exact requirements in terms of usage and the space required – we can then tailor the layout, accessories, and features to your needs and ensure that the space integrates seamlessly with your current office style. As part of the planning process, we’ll review the need for fittings including modular office partitions, furniture, lighting systems, floor coverings, exterior windows and more. We aim to provide you with flexibility too and deliver a layout that you can rearrange in the future should your requirements change.

Increasing space with a mezzanine system can be more affordable than constructing ground-up additions. Contact us today to discuss your office expansion requirements and we can arrange a free onsite consultation to give you options for moving your project forward.

Office Mezzanine Flooring Systems: Find out more

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