longspan shelving in a warehouse

Versatile & Durable

Longspan warehouse shelving is versatile, easily accessible and allows storage of up to 1000kg of distributed weight on each deck. Sturdy and durable, It is perfect for medium to heavy loads and is suitable for storing large, bulky, or non-palletized items, such as cartons, boxes, or parts. It is available in a range of bay widths and adjustable heights depending on the stock being stored providing a great all-around solution to maximising space in all warehouse units.

longspan shelving in a warehouse

Optimise your space with Longspan Shelving

Longspan utilises vertical and horizontal space efficiently to optimise warehouse storage space; multiple levels of shelves enhance storage capacity without the need for pallet racks. This also provides easy access to stored items; an open shelving design without pallets means that warehouse staff can quickly and easily locate and pick items. This also enables visual inventory control, allowing warehouse staff to monitor stock levels and track items.

longspan shelving with products on the shelves

Accommodate different products

Longspan shelving can be customised to meet specific storage needs. Height, depth and width of shelving can be adjusted to accommodate different products and to optimise space utilisation. This flexibility also means that the system can be scaled or reconfigured as storage needs change.

longspan shelving in a warehouse

Advantages of Longspan Warehouse Shelving

  • Available from stock for quick delivery
  • All frames are pre-assembled
  • Epoxy powder coated
  • Suitable for storing a range of products
  • Versatile for a range of applications, whether expanding, maintaining, or installing from new
  • All longspan shelving can have chipboard decks or steel shelves

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