Cladded cantilever racking

Enhanced protection for inventory

With Ikon cladded cantilever racking, you can get the benefits of a Spacesmart approach for outside storage space in your warehouse footprint. Cladded racking provides all the benefits of standard cantilever racking systems but with a roof and cladding to provide enhanced protection for inventory. Both heavy-duty and lightweight options are available, depending on your requirements.

Like traditional cantilever racks, these systems feature arms protruding from upright frames to support long, irregularly shaped materials. Forklifts can approach loads from multiple angles for easy putaway and retrieval. 

Similarly, arms are adjustable in increments to accommodate various product dimensions. The same applies to uprights so you can optimise the height of your racks, make full use of your warehouse’s vertical capacity and maximise storage density.

cladded cantilever racking

Cladded Cantilever Racking: Ideal for many materials

Cladded cantilever racking is ideal for storing:

  • Lumber, plywood, and other wood materials
  • Plastic and metal piping
  • Rods, tubes, and bars
  • Steel coils, sheet metal, and aluminium stock
  • Plastic moulding and fabrication materials

The system’s roof and cladding provide increased protection for such materials from damage. In addition, the smooth finish of the cladding improves safety for warehouse staff by protecting against sharp edges and protrusions whilst warehouse aesthetics are improved by the clean appearance.

Cladded cantilever racking

Strong in tough environments

Constructed from durable steel, this racking provides strength, longevity and resists corrosion. And if additional strength is required, cantilever racking can be reinforced for added impact resistance to ensure a high level of performance in rigorous environments.

Our team can help you to select the right racking system, and identify the appropriate arm capacities and upright heights for your storage requirements. Cladded racks can also be customised with accessories including decking, caps and guards to maximise safety and efficiency.

Advantages of Cladded Cantilever Racking

Advantages of Cladded Cantilever:

  • Low maintenance and robust design
  • Robust, heavy-duty steel frame
  • Flexible capacity & height

Cladded Cantilever Racking: Find out more

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