carton flow shelving in a warehouse

More efficient order fulfilment

Carton Flow Shelving, also known as gravity flow shelving, uses roller racks to feed goods from higher levels to pickers at lower levels. As items are picked from the front, products move forward in a continuous flow. This reduces the time and labour involved in order picking, allowing for more efficient order fulfilment.

carton flow shelving in a warehouse

Clear Visibility and Easy Access

Carton Flow Shelving is designed for first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory management, making it highly suitable for perishable or time-sensitive products. Older items are automatically pushed to the front, reducing the risk of inventory obsolescence or spoilage. As well as efficient storage, the system provides clear visibility and easy access to stored items; as such, warehouse staff can quickly locate and pick items with reduced errors and improved accuracy.

carton flow shelving in a warehouse

Make optimal use of your space

Carton Flow Shelving utilises both depth and height. With multiple levels of shelves, the system makes optimal use of vertical space and can reduce the storage footprint. In addition, pickers can access items directly from the shelves without the need for forklifts or other equipment so Health & Safety in the warehouse is improved as well. It can be configured to meet specific storage needs; shelf widths, depths and angles can all be adjusted to suit the size and type of items being stored. As capacity requirements change, the system can also be easily expanded or modified.

Advantages of Carton Flow Shelving

  • Great for light to medium goods
  • High volume of the same stock
  • Reduces travel distances and picking times
  • Pick at x5 the rate of other storage systems

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