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The perfect heavy duty storage solution

Ikon cantilever racking enables you to operate a Spacesmart approach to warehouse storage by capitalising on your vertical capacity; it provides a cost-effective and safe solution for storing various types of heavy-weight products of varying lengths. Our rack system uprights and bases are constructed from hot-rolled steel sections, which make them robust and able to withstand rigorous and arduous industrial environments.

Cantilever racking uses cantilever arms and upright frames to provide adjustable and accessible storage for bulky materials and products that are challenging for other warehouse storage systems such as pallet racking. Durable construction and large arm capacities provide the perfect heavy duty storage solution.

cantilever racking in a warehouse

Flexible and Accessible

Cantilever racks are flexible too. Arms and frames can be configured to store products on one side only or arms can be utilised on both sides of the frame to increase storage capacity (Where warehouse space allows). In both cases, forklift access is easy and inventory can be approached from multiple angles for straightforward putaway and retrieval. 

Cantilver racking with a canopy

Bespoke Cantilever Racking

We provide bespoke cantilever racking with arm lengths and load capacity to suit your specific requirements. Arms are adjustable in increments to provide total flexibility in accommodating different product dimensions whilst uprights are also adjustable so you can optimise the height of your system to make full use of your vertical warehouse capacity. This versatility in arm lengths and configurations make this an ideal system for a wide range of industries including:

  • Construction & Utilities – Store metal stock, rods, pipes, sheet materials, lintels
  • Automotive – Store vehicle body parts and components
  • Timber – Store lumber, boards, doors
  • Manufacturing – Store bars, conduits, structural beams

Outdoor cantilever racking

Advantages of Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking provides good visibility of inventory and allows efficient monitoring. Warehouse staff can quickly scan racks to identify required items whilst forklifts can retrieve inventory easily without having to remove other material first.

Advantages of Cantilever Racking:

  • Bespoke arm lengths/load capacity to suit your requirements
  • Robust design with low maintenance
  • Store at heights of up to 10m
  • Potentially double your storage for a fraction of the cost by utilising arms on both sides
  • Can be customised with accessories including rack guards, end protectors and mesh back panels

Cantilever Racking: Find out more

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