anti collapse mesh

Prevent Injury & Damage

Anti-collapse mesh is a safety measure that is secured to the back of pallet racking. This creates a physical barrier to stop stored items from falling, and prevents both personal injury and damaged products. Anti-collapse mesh also provides extra support for shelving, enhancing protection for your inventory and racking.

This is a flexible, modular solution that can be used on all types of pallet racking, shelving, cantilever racks and other systems. Light and durable, mesh panels are available in a variety of sizes and can be configured to fit racking of any size; these can be quickly installed using stand-off brackets that allow for different levels of pallet overhang.

anti collpase mesh

Anti-collapse Mesh: The Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Open mesh allows for good visibility of stored items to improve organisation and inventory management.
  • Open mesh also allows good air circulation to prevent moisture build up – this makes it ideal for cold storage and ambient storage environments.
  • Anti-collapse mesh can be a cheaper alternative than replacement of costly racking components
  • Easy access is achieved through sliding or swing doors
  • It can be used to create restricted areas to prevent access to hazardous materials
  • Locks can be added to achieve compliance with insurance, health & safety and any other requirements

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