Pallet racking protection guards are designed to prevent damage to pallet racking systems, increase safety in the warehouse, and reduce maintenance and replacement costs. These guards come in two materials: steel and polymer.

Steel racking protection guards offer a high level of durability and strength. They are resistant to impacts and abrasions and are ideal for use in harsh warehouse environments. Steel guards are also easily customisable, making them suitable for use in various applications.

Polymer racking protection guards, on the other hand, offer a lightweight alternative to steel. They are also impact resistant and provide good protection against abrasion. Polymer guards are also resistant to chemicals, making them suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Additionally, they are easy to install, which makes them a convenient solution for warehouses that need to protect their racking systems quickly.

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In terms of cost, steel racking protection guards tend to be more expensive than polymer guards. However, they are a more long-term investment due to their durability and strength. On the other hand, Polymer guards are a more cost-effective solution for warehouses that need to protect their racking systems on a budget.

There are many benefits to using pallet racking protection guards, regardless of the material used. These guards help to prevent damage to the racking systems, which reduces the need for costly repairs and replacements. Additionally, using pallet racking protection guards increases safety in the warehouse by preventing accidents and reducing the risk of equipment failure.

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The takeaway

Overall, the decision to use steel or polymer racking protection guards will depend on the specific needs of the warehouse. Steel guards offer high durability and strength, while polymer guards are a more cost-effective solution. Regardless of the material chosen, pallet racking protection guards provide numerous benefits for warehouses, including increased safety and reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

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