Pallet Racking Maintenance & Repair

Wear and tear to racking naturally and inevitably occurs over years of use, causing breakdowns, safety hazards and other issues. To keep your racks performing safely and efficiently, we offer comprehensive pallet racking maintenance and repair services. We provide complete inspections, certified maintenance and repair services for all types of warehouse racks including pallet racks, cantilever racks and other systems.

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SEMA Approved Inspections

We provide SEMA approved inspections to ensure compliance with UK legislation. Our inspections include a comprehensive report; any areas of concern are highlighted and rectified so your warehouse can continue to operate safely and efficiently.

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Pallet Racking Maintenance

Our UK-wide network of SEMA and SEIRS accredited teams can take care of all your racking maintenance, ensuring your racking is fit for purpose and safe to use. We can schedule regular visits for multi-point inspections and preventative maintenance to identify problems before they become issues, and maximise uptime. Our comprehensive checklist covers components including connectors, frames, beams, bracings and decking; any identified issues are repaired immediately using high-quality OEM or equivalent parts.

a workman performing pallet racking maintenance and repair in a warehouse

Pallet Racking Repairs

When breakdowns occur or issues arise that require immediate rectification, our aim is to minimise your downtime and get your warehouse fully operational as quickly and safely as possible. We offer responsive repair services for all types of racking systems and can supply new parts when required though where possible, we use existing undamaged parts to minimise costs and reduce lead times. Common repairs include:

  • Replacing damaged uprights or cross beams
  • Fixing broken welds
  • Installing new pallet supports
  • Re-squaring leaning racks
  • Adding or moving horizontal load beams
  • Reinforcing connections

As well as repairs, we offer related racking services including:  

  • Rack Dismantling
  • Rack Re-profiling
  • Rack Moves

How we can help

Whether you have an emergency issue that requires urgent attention or want to discuss a program of preventative maintenance, just get in touch. We’ll do everything we can to help you address immediate issues, reduce breakdowns, control repair costs and maximise the usable life of your racking.

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