Ikon’s MD, Kyle Denham gives his thoughts a year into the business.

After several years in the industry (storage, pallet racking and warehousing) and experiencing the cloak and dagger nature of big-name players, I always felt there must be another way.

When I finally decided to take the plunge into starting the business I hadn’t done so without considerable homework, you know the usual: research, legals, financing, but i won’t bore you with that.

During the roller-coaster moments I had to remind myself and have those closest remind me to “Keep faith be positive and be patient. Don’t give up…Don’t quit!” I know these words can sound cliché but growth is rarely immediate, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t coming.  Reminding myself of why I started: that I knew a business could exist within this industry where it cared about it’s client’s businesses and with each project, my passion of using and transforming a storage space for each client’s current and future requirements in mind could be mutually beneficial.

After a rollercoaster of a year and many people from many backgrounds spouting the ” business would be lucky to survive the first year let alone make a profit”,  the risk is paying off and we are attracting and building a healthy and growing client base.

Obviously making a profit is a key objective of running a business and knowing how the big players were willing to, for want of a better word “screw” over any other small business that got in the way just didn’t sit well with me.  Everyone can have a “slice of the pie”.

I like to think that and remind myself that Ikon will continue to grow as what we do here is matched up with our passion, experiences, and skillset. And that’s what provides the drive, it’s not something that has to be fired up, it already exists because it is us.

With every project, we put ourselves in our customers’ shoes to really see where our customers are currentl at and where they want to go.  This really helps us relate to their individual challenges, obstacles, and successes to create a bespoke design to help drive their business forward.

You’ll never find Ikon resting on our laurels.  Life and progress doesn’t stand still, so Ikon is always looking to improve our abilities, systems, and training to continue to deliver a service that truely understands the bespoke needs of each project.

For those out thre considering going it alone and starting their own business, doing your homework is key, but always keeping in mind and staying true to what your vision is, this is my opinion will be your drive.

Ikon Storage Solutions in Nottingham works alongside clients of all sizes throughout the whole of the UK. Get in touch with us to arrange your on-site consultation.

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