Wire mesh baskets in a warehouse

Efficient Warehouse Storage

Manufactured in the UK, our wire mesh baskets allow for efficient warehouse storage. Ideal for storing items such as small parts, components and products, they help to organise inventory, ensure items are accessible and make them easy to find.

We provide high quality baskets in a variety of sizes; these are highly durable, can handle heavy loads and stand up to the demanding conditions of warehouse environments. Our baskets are highly functional – they are stackable so you can make the most out of your available space, half drop gates provide easy access to contents and casters can be added for mobility around the warehouse.

Wire Mesh Baskets: The Benefits

Further benefits include:

  • Open mesh makes it easy to inspect contents allowing for quicker inventory management and stock checks
  • Open mesh also provides good ventilation so they are highly suited to moisture-sensitive and perishable goods.
  • With built in handles and access points, our wire mesh baskets are easy to lift, carry and transport between locations. They can also be handled by forklifts and other lifting equipment for optimal workflows within the warehouse.
  • A variety of accessories are available including dividers and compartments; these offer the flexibility to efficiently store related items that may be different in nature or size.

Wire mesh baskets are a versatile solution for storage that can improve efficiency and safety, just get in touch to find out more on the available options and other Spacesmart storage solutions

Wire Mesh Baskets: Find out more

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