shortspan shelving in a warehouse

Versatile & Cost Effective

Shortspan shelving provides a versatile and cost-effective storage solution and is often used in small warehouses, storage rooms or stock rooms. Made from steel, shortspan units are suitable for the storage of small and medium items, and where space is limited. In addition, specialist handling or loading equipment is rarely required for the small, non-palletised items that are usually stored in shortspan units.

Efficient inventory, speedy fulfilment

Whilst shortspan units are primarily designed for lighter weight applications, it’s important to note that they are strong, durable and are capable of supporting loads up to 600kg per level. The open fronts of these units allow for easy access and picking, and facilitate both efficient inventory monitoring and speedy order fulfilment.

shortspan shelving in a warehouse

Shortspan shelving: Easy to scale

Featuring a modular and adjustable design, shortspan shelving can adapt as your storage needs change. Reconfigurable uprights and shelves can be easily adjusted to accommodate items of different sizes whilst additional bays and shelves can also be added to scale your storage system. Further, accessories including dividers, drawers and doors can be added to provide protection for your products. Such versatility means that shortspan shelving can maximise the use of both vertical and horizontal space for optimised storage capacity. Units come in a range of heights and widths, and with a shallow profile, shortspan shelving enables you to make the most of your available floor space.

Advantages of Shortspan Shelving

  • Versatile storage solution
  • Durable steel construction supports 600kg per level
  • Modular and adjustable design
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Optimises vertical and horizontal space
  • Allows easy access and picking
  • Improves inventory visibility and control
  • Adaptable to changing storage needs
  • Wide range of heights and widths
  • With heavy duty construction adaptable to a range of warehouse environments, keep your storage versatile, accessible and optimised within your available footprint.

Shortspan Shelving: Find out more

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