Pallet racking featuring rack guards as part of racking & warehouse protection measures

SEMA compliant racking & warehouse protection products

We can supply everything you need to protect your warehouse staff, racking and equipment. We provide a wide range of high performing, SEMA compliant racking & warehouse protection products that maintain health & safety and reduce the risk of damage to your inventory and equipment. Our products include:

mesh decks with rack guards

Column Guards

High strength, high visibility, shock absorbing guards that shield rack uprights from impact, reducing the potential for damage from forklifts and other machinery. These are easy to install and are available in a range of sizes to fit different column measurements.

Rack End Protectors

SEMA compliant protection barriers that protect the end frames of racking from collision damage. Rack end protectors prevent damage to both racking and inventory as well as reducing accident risk by improving visibility at the end of aisles. Available in different widths to suit different depths of racking.

Post Protectors

SEMA compliant, heavy duty post protectors to prevent damage to rack posts from vehicles and machinery. Constructed in steel, post protectors are available in heavy and standard duty options to suit different applications. Different types are also available to fit standard and corner posts.

Rack Mounted Guards

Easy to install, polyethylene guards that absorb impacts and provide protection for racking and its contents. These are simply attached to racking legs using velcro straps and can fit different racking sizes.

Protection Railing

High strength railing to restrict vehicle access to walkways and to areas housing equipment. With a modular design, these are quick to install and can easily be configured for different lengths and layouts. 

Safety Bollards & Guardrails

Bollards and guardrails can be used to create safe walkways for staff within the warehouse and provide clear separation from areas that can be accessed by vehicles. They can also be configured to act as barriers to prevent unauthorised access to certain areas.

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