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Customising Your Mezzanine System

A wide range of mezzanine flooring accessories are available to customise our mezzanine systems so they meet your specific needs in relation to functionality, health & safety and design. Every mezzanine project begins with building a detailed understanding of how you need your additional space to work; many types of mezzanine flooring accessories are available as part of the solution but the most common components include:


Prefabricated staircases provide safe access between your mezzanine levels and the ground floor. These can feature either open stair flights or enclosures, and can include landings or be zigzag style to save space.

Pallet Gates

Pallet gates enable the easy movement of pallets and products between the ground floor and mezzanine levels via either a forklift or pallet jack. Pallet gates include a range of security and safety features to control access, and to ensure that both sides of the gate cannot be opened at the same time.


Handrails ensure safety for warehouse staff alongside stairs and edges on mezzanines. Depending on the required height and load regulations, a range of systems are available including flat bar, tubular, or modular options. Different styles are also available including glass, mesh, or picket infill styles in powder coated steel or stainless steel.

Fire Protection

We can install fire-rated wall enclosures and doors, fire suppression systems, and smoke detectors to meet the required fire regulations.

Column Casings

Casing columns with cladding improves aesthetics and safety by removing exposed edges. A wide range of colours and finishes are available to match your current facility styling and branding.


Bulkheads tidy up the space below your mezzanine by creating a closed off ceiling and concealing utilities such as piping and conduit. These areas can be made easy to access through the addition of entry hatches, lights and other features.


Available in a variety of materials including steel and timber, fascias provide clean, flush finishes along platform edges for a streamlined look to improve aesthetics.

Staircase Enclosures

Enclosed stairs improve safety for staff moving between mezzanine floors as well as enhancing security via controlled access to different levels. Visual appeal is also improved as enclosed stairs provide a tidier appearance than exposed staircases.


Fire-rated wall partitioning helps to contain potential fire spread to meet the requirements of fire regulations; these maintain safety without reducing visibility.

Smoke Detection

Networked smoke detection systems provide alerts to trigger automatic fire suppression or alarm sounding in the event of an emergency.

With the right accessories, a mezzanine can be much more than a purely functional addition to your warehouse. Just get in touch and we can arrange a free onsite consultation to ensure you achieve an integrated expansion that fits perfectly within your warehouse.

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