Make the best use of every square foot on site

We’re Ikon: an outsourced delivery partner for warehouse storage systems that optimise your space and improve the way your warehouse works.

Benefits flow from our Spacesmart approach: improved efficiency, new flexibility, increased productivity and a better environment for your people. With the Spacesmart approach, you make the best use of every square foot on site.


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Changing things around in a warehouse can be a real pain but Ikon’s team made the process much easier and we’re delighted with the end result”

“Ikon have helped us to make much better use of the space we have available, they’ve got great ideas and these have made a big difference in helping our processes and workflows to run smoothly”

“Ikon took the time to understand the specifics of how we work so they were able to deliver a storage solution that fits perfectly with our warehouse operations”

“We’ve been working alongside Ikon for a long time now and they’ve never failed to deliver an outstanding service”

Improve the way your warehouse works

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