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Time is money, right?

April 16, 2018

Time is money, right? That’s why we understand that the main priority for a Builders Merchant is ensuring that your customers can locate what they need for as quickly, easily and of course safely as possible.  

Ikon can provide a combination of storage solutions that not only presents your stock well but also offers flexibility and durability, perfect for stock rotation.   In turn, these benefits automatically increase efficiency, making your customers’ very happy bunnies indeed and a happy customer leads to improved sales.  

The Warehouse and Yard usually contain a mixture of traditional building products such as Timber, Bricks, Plaster and Cement. Our Cantilever Racking and Pallet Racking systems provide the perfect solutions for these products. 

We also offer Vertical Storage Racking which is a flexible alternative for storing and displaying long lengths of Timber and Metal stud UPVC pipes whilst saving you floor space! Yay!

Our Cantilever Racking provides excellent storage and display of timber sections,  steel and concrete lintels, and all panel products.

And, our Pallet Racking system offers adaptable and safe storage for landscaping products.

Not forgetting your shop and trade counter, where our Widespan Shelving can be integrated with a wide range of products and it’s merchandising.

Whatever your requirements, we’ve got you covered.  We pride ourselves in providing our customers with what will optimise their current situation to elevate the future of their business.