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Struggling with pallet sizes?

August 21, 2019

Have you struggled to store all types and sizes of pallets in your warehouse racking? Ikon’s got you covered with our warehouse decking.

Warehouse decking is a great solution to store various sizes and types of pallets in a pallet racking or shelving system.  

Decking is mainly used for storing small parts, loose goods or where the sizes of pallets vary. Decks can come in all shapes and sizes and of course, as we’re Ikon, our warehouse decks can be custom designed in house and manufactured to our customers’ individual requirements.

Timber Decking

Best suited to the storage of small parts, loose goods or where there are various sizes of pallets or stillages needing to be stored.

Timber decking is supplied in either open or close boarded. The decks are resilient, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications as well as smaller pallets. Timber decking is made out of a number of wooden slats which are screwed into the battens. They can be made to any size, and they work to enhance the overall safety of the racking system by eliminating the risk of pallets falling through the beam. Another use for timber decking is to support stillages or undersized pallets, providing additional support to prevent from falling through the racking.

This option of decking is quick and easy to install as there are no fixings needed, they simply drop over the pallet racking beams.  Piece of cake!

Chipboard Decking

Best suited to Long span and carpet racks shelving and usually used for lighter loads and shouldn’t be used in damp environments or for storing foods and liquids.

Chipboard decking is made by gluing together wood particles with an adhesive under heat and pressure. It is available in a number of densities. Ikon will design and supply the right chipboard solution and guarantee the stated customer loading requirement.

This decking option is much cheaper, so for specific products, this is often a go-to choice.

Mesh Decking

Best suited to store small parts and handball loads on pallet racking structures (if standard pallets are not available) This makes mesh decking the perfect choice to use on multi-tier systems or mezzanine floors.

Mesh decking offers an excellent solution when smaller items need to be stored on pallet racking. The mesh deck is placed on the beams like a shelf to store boxes and other smaller items. Mesh decking is also used as a safety measure to prevent pallets or the products stored on them from falling through the racking. 

This is a durable solution for all types of warehouse environments although more expensive due to the materials and manufacturing involved. And, in the event of a fire (fingers crossed this would never happen) the mesh decking would maintain its integrity if a sprinkler system went off.

Notched steel Decking


Best suited to the storage of small parts and both indoor and outdoor use.

Notched steel decks are galvanised steel panels that slot directly on to shelving and pallet racking beams. They are used to store handball loads on pallet racking structures when pallets are not available. Each shelf is supplied as a series of lift out panels to enable cleaning when required. They are easily fitted and more durable than chipboard decking and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as they are rustproof. Yay!

These decks are easily replaced if one gets damaged. They are more solid and durable than normal chipboard decking, making them the preferred choice as a heavy-duty solution. 

So there you have it, warehouse decking (hopefully) de-mystified.  Need more help?  No worries, get in touch

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