multi tier shelving in a warehouse

Maximise vertical space with Multi-tier Shelving

When limited floor space is available, multi-tier shelving maximises vertical space and is a cost-effective solution that can increase capacity by up to 60% whilst also reducing picking times. Our multi-tiered systems are supported by either pallet racking or shelving to eliminate the need for a structural floor.

Efficient picking operations

This type of shelving enhances the organisation and categorisation of inventory; different products or SKUs can be assigned to specific tiers ensuring quick and easy location and retrieval of items. This improves the efficiency of picking operations, reducing the time and effort involved in order fulfilment.

Multi tier shelving in a warehouse

Improved accessibility and Health & Safety

Multi-tier shelving can be equipped with a wide range of features to improve accessibility and health & safety. These include access points including staircases, catwalks, or elevators and safety features such as guardrails, handrails, anti-slip surfaces and lighting. Packing stations, quality control areas and other types of workstation can also be integrated to improve efficiency by reducing distances between storage and operational areas.

Advantages of Multi-tier Shelving

  • Perfect for picking container storage
  • Bottom shelving supports mezzanine floor
  • Can be adapted to suit all types of spaces
  • Fast installation

Multi-tier Shelving: Find out more

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