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(Long)span your horizon

August 16, 2019

(Long)span your horizon

Longspan shelving is often overlooked in the world of storage, however, do not underestimate this product, let us tell you more…

What is Longspan Shelving?

Longspan shelving is essentially a scaled-down version of pallet racking and is incomparable for those looking for a longer-length storage solution.  Whether you need to better utilize the space you have in your warehouse, storeroom, factory, pretty much any environment; we’re confident you’ll find a space-creating solution that meets your bulk storage needs perfectly. Here at Ikon we’ve got it covered; from wide value shelving, to premium heavy duty and also industrial strength.  Available in a range of sizes, our longspan shelves can be supplied to fit into just about any storage space and is available in kit form to build-your-own system using components and of course available to be installed by one of our experts.  All of our steel shelving and racking units are adjustable and extendable, perfect for your growing business and changing needs. 

The shelving itself can be made from chipboard, mesh or steel decking: or a combination to suit your requirements. We use a bolt free lock-in system to ensure that once the support beams have been located, they remain in position improving safety for operatives accessing the installation whilst providing a future-proof solution.

Longspan uses

-Perfect for the storage of hand-picked items from drums, boxes, and larger cartons and for that reason it comes in many depths, widths, and heights

-An alternative solution for items that cannot be stored in Pallet Racking

-Ideal for items that are an odd shape, bulky or fragile that can’t always be moved by conveyor belt or forklifts

-Not forgetting larger items such as long pipes, batteries and tyres are just some examples of items that can be stored in Longspan Shelving

The benefits of Longspan

-Quick and easy assembly

-Maximizes available space

-Versatility means immediate access to all unit load

-Ikon’s bespoke designs ensure the perfect solution for your needs

So, whether you’re looking for double-sided access to your stock within warehouses, stockrooms & distribution centres; or you need a solution that can withstand heavy traffic in various environments; we’ve got the Ikonic solution for you. 

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