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Designing a new warehouse facility

May 7, 2019

Whether you’re designing a new warehouse facility or updating an existing one (exciting times), in our opinion it’s well worth giving the design dedicated time. 

Your warehouse is more than just a space where you store ‘stuff’, it’s one of the main contributors to the overall success of your business.  The right efficient design can minimise utilisation costs and make all operations as effortless as possible. Take a look and see what key areas we believe should be given careful consideration to ensuring your warehouse works for you…

1. Location, location, location.  Firstly, the location of your site is important when designing your warehouse. If you’re lucky enough to be able to choose where to build, it is important to ensure that you choose somewhere which proves advantageous for receiving and distributing goods easily.

2. Size and space matter.   When designing/re-designing a warehouse, it is important to factor in storage and processing space. Optimising the use of space can improve your process efficiency, and ultimately reduce your costs. Winner!   In your design also consider current trends,  technology now provides equipment, which can stand alone, and does not require wall support. This gives way to non-permanent and portable options. 

3. Easy Access.  We’re not just talking about whether or not the product can be accessed, we’re referring to accessing the product and in the required quantities. Your warehouse design needs to allow easy access to every pallet. This is essential!  Your whole  warehouse space must be put into proper use to give quick easy access to all required items. 

4. Go with the flow (flow of people and equipment).  Warehouses believe it or not are dynamic environments, with the constant movement of people, robots and inventory.  With this in mind, it’s important to consider the movement that will take place inside of your warehouse to aid planning your layout design, to emphasise efficient and effective movement of goods and people, which in turn should increase output and overall profitability. Kerr-ching!

5. Future-gazing (of output and technology). As the digitisation of processes continues, Supply Chains are becoming ever-more integrated, and customers are becoming ever-more demanding. We believe it’s imperative that you select the appropriate warehouse technology, which leaves you to focus on output and managing it effectively.

A word from our designers“Your storage design layout should offer enough space for your workers and machinery to get the greatest output possible”.

We have over 10 years knowledge and understanding of what is actually required to implement, manage and maintain an efficient warehouse and it’s processes. Cheesy we know, but our passion is ensuring that your new site is designed, to operate efficiently, and effectively, that’s why it’s our business.  Contact us to find out how we can support you throughout the design and build of your new site and / or optimise your existing one. 

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